Best Places for Co-Living in London

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This vibrant and amazing city has not more and not less than nine million people. Therefore, finding a co-living space, in case you decide to move here and work, is quite hard, but if you do your research properly you will certainly find something that will be to your liking. In order to help you make a good decision, we have made a short list with the best places for co-living in London.

The Collective Old Oak

Here, the co-living places are definitely designed in order to bring people together. You will absolutely love the themed dining rooms and the quiet places to work. Furthermore, you can relax, socialize, and enjoy a coffee on the roof garden. Another advantage of this place is that it provides access to convenient facilities such as spa, gym, and restaurant. Do you think this is everything? Well, it is not, because the Collective Old Oak organizes regularly inspirational talks and film nights. Whether you want to build a new career in London or start a business, this place is exactly what you need.

Pollen-Ivor Grove

If you are looking for a co-living place that is both affordable and quiet, then the Pollen-Ivor Grove is exactly what you need. The features of this house are a dining room, a breakfast bar, two large fridge freezers, washing machine, dishwasher, and a big dining table with several chairs. Even the place is not very big it is certainly very warm and welcoming and it will offer you the peace you need so that you can concentrate better on your career.

Roam London

Another great co-living place we highly recommend you is the Roam London. We found this place very quiet and extremely comfortable. It is perfect for spending a week, a month, or even a few years. All the rooms from here have a private bathroom and some of them actually have a private kitchenette. From time to time, the staff organizes speaker events where you will certainly have plenty to learn.

Garden House

This co-living space in Hammersmith, West London, is the perfect place for those who want peace and quiet in order to be able to focus on their job or business. It includes not only living spaces but formal work as well. The building has been designed by the architects Tom and James Teatum in order to encourage people, especially the young ones to spend more time at home. The interior is a very minimalist one, fully equipped so that you can have all the comfort you need. The open and interconnected spaces allow residents to socialize and also work. Furthermore, the rooms are airy and quite large, so that you can feel comfortable at all times. All in all, the Garden House, in our opinion, is definitely one of the best places for co-living in London, thanks to everything that it has to offer. It is true that there are many other locations like the ones we have presented in this article, but in terms of reasonable prices, peace & quiet, and interior design, these three locations are absolutely perfect.

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